Aptys at a glance

fbAptys was founded in 2002 in the University of Auvergne after the acquisition of several formulation patents.

Now, as a contract research and development organization, we offer to our customers:

The labs of APTYS Pharmaceuticals are located in the Biopôle Clermont-Limagne close to Clermont-Ferrand, France. They are equipped for the design, control and stability studies of solid dosage forms as well as liquid and semi-solid dosage forms. The team and partners can achieve scale-up and technology transfer to the best CMO. Also, we can support our customers for the design, installation and qualification of a production plant. The customers of APTYS Pharmaceuticals benefit from our know-how and creativity with a strong guarantee of high quality. APTYS Pharmaceuticals offers ISO9001 aligned contract service, according to cGMP.

Also, thanks to its partnership with Inhalexpert, Aptys enlarges its offer in the field of development of complex products.