Aptys Pharmaceuticals becomes a registered GMP laboratory.

May 19th, 2017: Aptys has been granted the GMP status by the French Agency (ANSM) for quality control of human medicinal products and human investigational medicinal products

This new status acknowledges the high quality level of Aptys. It allows to extend its historical offer, e.g. design of formulations and analytical methods, to quality control of commercial as well as clinical products.

Letter of authorization from the French Agency

New :BECOMIX laboratory homogenizing mixer and SOTAX Flow Through Cell Dissolution system

BECOMIX laboratory homogenizing mixer type RW 30 CD

This laboratory mixing device has the same features as the production plants homogenizers.

It is used for product and process development, clinical samples, production of small quantities, and scale-up for pharmaceutical and cosmetic products, such as pharmaceutical creams and gels, cosmetic creams, tooth paste, gel products, mascara, make‐up.

We can create processes identical to those later realized on the production scale. This allows for product development under production conditions and later simplifies transfer and scaling up of the processes.

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Flow Through Cell Dissolution SOTAX CE 7smart (USP-4)

In the flow-through method, the test sample is located in a small volume cell through which media is pumped at a temperature of 37 °C.

The flow through technique is able to fulfill the requirements of complex formulations such as powders, APIs, lipophilic forms e.g. suppositories, suspensions, liposomes, microspheres, semi-solids, implants and medical devices e.g. drug eluting stents.

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