R&D and licensing


  • 2002, development of Loramyc®, a buccal bioadhesive tablet used for the treatment of oral candidiasis,
  • 2003, license out of the BiGel® technology to Ardana Bioscience
  • 2004, development of Testocream, a transdermal cream for the treatment of hypogonadism
  • 2005, license out of Loramyc® / Oravig® to Bioalliance Pharma
  • 2013, sale of Testocream® to Viramal ltd



Innovative pain treatments

Opioids are not just an American problem* and long term opioid analgesics use must be addressed in many markets over the world.

Aptys Pharmaceuticals is committed to develop solutions to treat acute and chronic pain that avoid misuse and potential overdoses.


  • 2012, pre-clinical development of M2, an oral dosage form for the treatment of moderate to severe pain, in collaboration with Analgesia Partnership
  • 2015, Aptys has started discussions with Unither Pharmaceuticals to develop a new drug for the treatment of moderate to severe pain
  • 2016, the two companies have signed a collaboration agreement
  • 2017, the project received the financial support of BPI, Région Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes and Europe (€590k).
  • July 2018, €800k raised through Vegefarm, a company owned by the founder of the pharmaceutical company Iprad

*42,000 deaths in 2016 due to addiction to opioids [The Economist, January 4th, 2018]